Twitter Trending, Fearless robbery in Philadelphia: Stores looted in Center City

A brazen robbery incident has rocked Philadelphia. In Philadelphia‘s Center City, groups of people robbed several stores on Tuesday evening. Besides the looting, a security guard was assaulted at the Foot Locker.

According to a report by CBS Philadelphia, widespread looting happened in Center City, including the Foot Locker and Apple Store near 15th and Chestnut.

Several videos of the mass robbery incident went viral on “X”(formerly Twitter). In the videos, masked men and women mostly of young age are seen forcing their way into stores and looting everything that they could get their hands on. The crime scenes look like rioting with cops scrambling to control the miscreants. In the videos, police are seen trying to catch the rioters.

Philadelphia Police confirmed to CBS Philadelphia’s Joe Holden that the latest looting had no connection to earlier protests over the dismissal of charges in the death of Eddie Irizarry.

Meanwhile, netizens condemned the incident on “X”(formerly Twitter).

“So sad. True breakdown of civility,” wrote one user.

“By looking at the Visuals that we get from US now a days.. taliban may say.. we are better than US in LAW and ORDER,” commented another person.

“The same people are going to act shocked when all the businesses decide to up and leave due to the chaos they’ve had to endure,” posted a third person.

“Shame! Clearly there’s no justification for such behavior,” complained a fourth person.

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